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James Lemons

Jon Donk

Alison Simcox

Tara Palen

Anya Villeneuve

Cade Grady

Christian “Pepe” Serrano Godén

Tyler Nye

Maxwell Starr

Board of Directors

We wish to recognize and thank our Board of Directors. They give their time, talent, energy, resources and enthusiasm to move the Arts Center forward. If you need to contact the Board directly, please reach out to [email protected].

Adele Connors

Tracy Smith

Debbie Heidecorn

Cathy Johnston

Mike Foote

Teresa Coggins Brady

Cheryl Braunstein

MaryLou Brown

Sarah Galvin

Joan Gignoux

Jennifer Jennings

Tracey Legat Howe

Tammy Loewy

Catherine McGraw

Judy Meagher

Darcy Norfolk

Margie Philo

Joel Peller

Nancy Adams Sweet

Dale E. Skivington