Neighbors to the North Initiative


Lake Placid Center for the Arts (LPCA) is proud to partner with select Québec artists for touring opportunities in New York State!

New York State’s proximity to Québec provides a unique opportunity to expand cultural awareness and develop a deeper relationship with artists from another country. In partnership with the Québec Government Office in New York, artists from Les Sages Fous and Puzzle Théâtre have been selected to tour New York State during the 2023-2024 season.

Presenters located in New York State who engage these Québec artists during the project period may receive up to a 75% subsidy for the Roster Artist’s fees. Presenters work directly with the Roster Artist’s Tour Manager to negotiate terms, including engagement dates and compensation.

Once terms are confirmed between Presenter and Tour Manager, the Presenter completes a short application. Applications are not competitive, but Presenters interested in engaging a Neighbors to the North Roster Artist are encouraged to confirm terms with the Artist’s Tour Manager as soon as possible as funding is limited. Final grant award distribution is determined by Lake Placid Center for the Arts staff in collaboration with Tour Managers.

Applicants must be a New York State nonprofit OR group, collective, or tribal organization.

Special thanks to the Québec Government Office in New York for making the Neighbors to the North Initiative possible!


Les Sages Fous

For over 20 years, Les Sages Fous – with “fascinating aesthetic vision” – have been developing a unique style of theatre with puppets, objects and humans, creating bizarre and unconventional visual shows that lead audiences into the unknown.

Available touring periods for Tricyckle
Nov 1–9, Nov 14–16, Nov 21–28, and Dec 4–6


A mysterious duet between a man and his bike.
Ages 9+ | 60 minutes

Guided by enigmatic arrows, a scrap-collector steers his Tricycle and trailer to the opening of a fantastical maze filled with illusions. A dream-like adventure begins. The tricycle guides the man through his life journey as if it were an uncanny ride at a fairground; through the house of mirrors, the carousels, and the games of chance … leading him through the dark shadows of his past towards his quest for freedom and into the light.

Tricyckle is a spectacle of metamorphosis and transformation using objects and puppetry. Visual theatre without words, the show was conceived to be performed in theatres and also unusual non-conventional spaces.

Tricyckle‘s intriguing musical score is composed solely of invented instruments created with found objects.

Staging and puppets by SOUTH MILLER
Set design and props by SYLVAIN LONGPRÉ
A coproduction with NORDLAND VISUAL THEATRE (Norway)

Part of La MaMa’s November 2023 puppet series.

Learn more about Tricyckle
Tricyckle Presentation Document

Puzzle Théâtre

In keeping with its artistic approach, Puzzle Théâtre is once again drawing inspiration from a whole new medium to create an atypical, colourful puppet show, full of humour and unexpected situations

Available touring periods for Woods and Plastic
Nov 1–13

Woods (Bois)

A show without words.
Ages 4+ | 40 minutes

A green leaf that grows on a dead branch, pieces of wood that come together to form strange creatures, some hostile, some comical …

A curious world that surprises, amazes, and inspires. A world that also makes you think and wonder.

Created and performed by CSABA RADULY and PAVLA MANO
Puppets by PAVLA MANO
Original music by PETYA NEDEVA

Part of La MaMa’s November 2023 puppet series.

Learn more about Woods
Woods Presentation Document

Plastic (Plastique)

Ages 5+ | 40 minutes

What’s more surprising than a plastic bag’s world where funny and colorful creatures are born and transform themselves as much as they like!

They fill themselves, they empty themselves, they fly, they eat each other, they are bored … They exist. Step by step they reveal their nature.

They are primitive, naïve and funny and they resemble us a little bit … maybe …

Created and performed by CSABA RADULY and PAVLA MANO

Learn more about Plastic
Plastic Presentation Document

The Neighbors to the North Initiative is sponsored in part by the generosity of the Québec Government Office in New York.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Tara Palen ([email protected]) and Tyler Nye ([email protected]).