August Raku Kiln Firing Workshop

Open to current and former LPCA pottery students and Open Studio Members.

Saturday, August 24 2-5 pm

Ages 18+
Experience Level Intermediate and up. Open to current and former LPCA pottery students and Open Studio Members.* Look for future raku opportunities for all skill levels!

Class Description

Come experience the drama and thrill of a raku kiln firing. Raku firing is an exciting and hands-on process that involves pulling pieces of pottery from the kiln while they are still red hot, and cooling them in a special “saggar” or smoking box. This process can create decorative pieces with unique and striking colors and patterns.

In this firing workshop, participants will glaze their pieces, load the kiln, and fire it together. While the kiln is heating up, the group will review safety procedures and pulling techniques. We will offer multiple styles of raku firing – naked raku, obvara, and glazed raku—so that you can experiment with a variety of different techniques. Finished (and cooled) pieces will be available for pick up later in the day.

Current LPCA Open Studio members can prepare work ahead of time by purchasing specialty raku clay for use in Open Studio, or by participating in a “Raku Making Day” workshop.

Learn more and register for Raku Making Days at the links below.
There are 2 Making Days per month.

Arrive with up to 6 pieces (depending on size) of bisque fired work.


Safe raku practices are essential to ensure we all have the best time we can while firing the kiln. LPCA instructor Maxwell will review the best way to safely pull your work from the kiln and provide you with fireproof protective gear. Participants will be asked to follow a set of clearly outlined safety procedures throughout the firing process. If you are unsure that this experience is for you, please feel free to contact [email protected] and he will be happy to help you.

Raku pieces are intended for decorative use and are not suitable for food and drink.

Materials Needed

Materials will be provided.

Ceramics Open Studio

Monthly passes are available for experienced students to access the ceramics studio for independent outside-of-class worktime. Contact Maxwell at [email protected] to learn more.

Maxwell Starr

Maxwell Starr

Pottery Instructor & Program Associate

[email protected]

About the Instructor

Maxwell Starr was born and raised in a small town outside of Philadelphia and has been a life-long visitor to the Adirondacks. Maxwell first learned to throw on the wheel over a decade ago from his father, who was himself a recreational potter. In the years since, he has been involved in academic programs, arts centers, and both public and private kiln firings. After graduating from Skidmore College in 2021, he spent a year working for the national renowned graduate program in Ceramics at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania before moving full-time to Lake Placid. Maxwell’s own ceramic work focuses on traditional pottery forms fired in atmospheric kilns. His other areas of interest and experience include natural draft kiln design and construction, glaze and clay chemistry, and wood firing kilns.


Questions? Know you may need to miss class sessions? *Unsure if this class is the right fit for you? Contact [email protected].