Takeyce Walter

About the Instructor

Takeyce Walter is an award winning contemporary American painter (born Jamaica) and art instructor, living and working in upstate New York. Driven to create from an early age, Walter has been producing art for as long as she can remember. Most recently, her focus has been on the natural landscape of her surroundings in the Northeast, particularly, the Adriondacks. Working with oil paint, pastels, and gouache, Walter creates paintings that present the landscape in all its glory – flowing rivers, majestic skies, and picturesque lakes. There is a great sense of familiarity, tranquility, and reverence in each piece. Takeyce has been sharing her art making knowledge as an art instructor for almost 10 years. She is a generous instructor who is invested in the growth of her students’ skills.In 2014 Walter started Creative February, a daily creative project that has since inspired artists all over the world to create art each daily during the month of February. The inspiration and camaraderie gained from this project extended far beyond than twenty-eight days.Walter exhibits her work in regional galleries in the Northeast. The paintings have found homes in many private collections across the country and internationally, including local museum and healthcare collections.