Robyn Shumer

About the Instructor

Robyn Shumer shares her storytelling skills with others so they can amplify their skills and competencies.

She teaches the craft using a method that enables others to share their personal and business stories successfully and in an engaging way. “Preparing for and delivering a TEDx talk has been more impactful in my overall well-being, my personal peace than all of the hours of therapy I’ve had,” she says.

She finds the bright spots amidst disorder and can make an audience laugh and cry. Robyn is a working mom, CEO of the family home, yoga teacher, executive coach, TEDx speaker and advocate for all things mental health and well-being. “Nobody should be ashamed to share the stories that shaped them,” she says.

Robyn founded ‘What’s Your Story, USA,’ an initiative that teaches storytelling and organizes storytelling events that also raise money for non-profits.

Her memoir, Elephant Legs and How I Learned to Love My Thighs will be published later this year.