Kathy Daggett

Kathy is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She first visited the Adirondacks during college years and was captivated by the mountains’ beauty. She settled in Wilmington at the age of 23, and has remained there ever since. She earned her BA and BS degrees from SUNY Plattsburgh. Her career in healthcare included discharge planning and nursing. She worked as a public health nurse and as Director of Preventive Services for Essex County Public Health. Since retiring she pursues her interest in pottery which she was first introduced to at the LPCA studio and later developed into a home business. She appreciates the LPCA arts education programs both for the training they provide and the interaction of people of all ages who share those interests. She is now grateful to be able to contribute to this organization through volunteer activities to help support its unique arts programs and events. She has served as President of the LPCA, member of healthcare advisory boards, Wilmington Library, and Lake Placid Sinfonietta. Her other interests include hiking, snowshoeing, canoeing, gardening, promoting Wilmington’s recreation resources, reading and continued enjoyment of our mountains’ beauty.