Joe Conto & Amy Coddington-Burnett

Joe Conto has been with Montreal Improv Theatre in Montreal, Quebec for 10 years. First as a student and then as a performer and instructor. He has taught all levels of experience as well as in classic improv formats such as Harold, Armando, Pretty Flower and Narrative. He has performed at festivals in New York City, Toronto, Ottawa, Boston, Burlington and Hartford, and has also competed and placed first in Montreal’s city-wide Threepio Competition. He has studied under improv notables Armando Diaz, Will Hines, Jill Bernard and Kirsten Rasmussen. Joe Conto continues to teach in Montreal while employed as the Department Chair of Business & Hospitality with Paul Smith’s College. Most recently, he has begun teaching improv in the tri-lakes area at both BluSeed Studios and Lake Placid Center for the Arts.

Amy Coddington-Burnett got her start in Washington, DC with WIT (Washington Improv Theater) both as a performer and teacher. While there, she taught both traditional improv techniques and facilitated corporate team-building workshops, using those same skills. After relocating to Saranac Lake, she founded the troupe Gag Reflex; both a performance group and community outreach organization. She currently teaches Improv for Life Skills as an adjunct instructor at Paul Smith’s College. Additionally, she has taught at Hochschule Munchen School in Germany for the last three summers, teaching improv to international students.