Dixie Longate

Hey hookers, I come from Mobile, Alabama, but I moved my trailer with all my kids to Los Angeles a few years back as part of the conditions of my parole. I started selling the fantastic Plastic crap in 2001 and I have never had so much fun drinking for free in my life. Within a year, I was one of the top sellers in the nation because, well, me and some plastic bowls, and a bunch of drunk women somehow equals lots of sales.

I have 3 kids: Wynona, Dwayne, and Absorbine, Jr. and 3 ex-husbands. All of ‘em have somehow died, but I ain’t crying about it. I’m way too busy traveling all over the place bringing creative food storage solutions to your town.

My Tupperware party caught the eye of some New York Theatre producers and in 2007 I had a big opening in my own show, “Dixie’s Tupperware Party” off-Broadway and got a Drama Desk Award nomination for Outstanding Solo Performance. I know, shut up, right!

The show is now gearing up for it’s 12th Season on the road to theatres far and wide across the fruited plain.

For more info or to see pictures of me doing fun things, find me on social!