Let’s Pretend! Theatre Games for Kids Camp

Looking for a fun intro to the world of theatre? Look no further! This camp will focus on building confidence, exploring imagination, and having fun as a team through improv, movement, and acting. Play games and create your own characters to build a story together. Learn basic theatre skills and terminology to help build a solid foundation for a lifelong appreciation of live performing arts!

Tara Palen

Tara Palen

Director of Education & Outreach

[email protected]

A lifelong seasonal resident of the Adirondacks, Tara moved to the area full time from Long Island in 2014 and spent the last 3 ½ years as the Managing Director of Pendragon Theatre. Tara spent many years as a professional actor, dancer, producer and director before turning her focus to arts education and management, receiving a BA in Arts Management and a Master’s certification in Non Profit Management. Tara is also an accomplished professional cook, and when not in her kitchen or at the theatre, she can be found hiking with her dogs Gatsby & Remy, in her garden, and enjoying a good novel.

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