Circus with Sammy

In this play-based circus program, participants are encouraged to use simple breathing techniques and body alignment alongside the use of a variety of props, such as hula hoops, poi, batons, ribbons, staves, and levitation wands! Throughout this class, students are gently encouraged to have fun and let go of inhibition, to engage with the props and each other as a way to increase the awareness of and connection with their own bodies and minds and with each other. Students are invited to explore how the use of the props unlocks somatic self-knowing and allows them to tap into self-awareness in a way they may not have experienced before. Skills are taught progressively, increasing in difficulty from basic to advanced, as students demonstrate competency.

Samantha Yelle

Samantha Yelle

Hoop Dance Instructor

Sammy enjoys making every day a circus day. Beginning her movement and performance journey as a child by persuading the neighbor children to perform in dance based shows she created for their families. In 2007 she picked up a hula hoop and shortly after her life path changed. She started performing the summer of 2008 in the Catskills with a band named Mazmyth. Together they performed in small hole in the wall venues as well as better known places like Gramercy Theater in NYC and Main stage at Bamboozle.

While in college she dove deeper into yoga to improve her body’s capabilities and begin healing herself from a childhood spinal disease. Having spent many years studying yoga under several knowledgeable instructors to help with her own alignment and posture, she began to incorporate much of that into her circus arts teachings. The circus arts changed her life for the best. Which is why she likes to invite anyone who is curious or needs some uplifting to try out a prop.

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