Spring Has Sprung! Painting Workshop

Online Class with Kari Ganoung Ruiz

Thursday, May 20, 5:00-7:00pm EST Advanced Beginner and Up

Spring is here; the earth is waking up from the frozen winter and water is everywhere! This session, we will paint a dirt road temporarily serving as a stream bed. Kari will demonstrate the compositional sketch, initial block in, and painting finish using oil color. Along the way, she'll discuss leading lines and cohesive color!


  • Rigid painting panel square aspect ratio with white surface we will be toning during class.
  • Oil colors: White, Cool Yellow (Cadmium Yellow Light), Warm Yellow (Cadmium Yellow Medium), Cool Red (Quinacridone Red), Warm Red (Cadmium Red Medium), Prussian Blue and Cobalt Blue.
  • Mineral Spirits, Paper Towels, Brushes: an array of synthetic long and short, flats paper (or sketchbook), pencil and eraser.
  • Reference Photo printed out.

Reference Image
Click here to view/download the reference image for class!

Reminder - This painting and the sole use of it are the property of Kari Ganoung Ruiz and may not be reproduced without permission. Paintings done in this workshop are for study purpose only and should not be sold as the participant's original work.

Thursday 5/20/2021
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Per Log-In: $22
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