Romantic Visions of the Landscape: Durand

Online Class with Cynthia Rosen

Thursday, Feb 3rd, 5:30-7:30pm EST

Advanced beginners and up, medium of choice!

So there are all sorts of stories about the Hudson River School painters, but all the history aside, the human is not only reliant upon the land but also emotionally tied to the landscape. Unless you live in a metropolitan city, well divorced from the natural landscape, the horizon line holds hope and thoughts of places beyond. We are attuned to a romantic sensibility about the landscape, deep within us, bio-behavioral, as though beyond our control.

This week we will jump back into classical representation and move towards a more tonal palette and image.

In this paint-along workshop with Cynthia Rosen we will use Asher Durand's painting "The First Harvest in the Wilderness" painted in 1855 (shortly before the French Impressionists started to make waves in France), you will have the opportunity to not only continue learning about composition, 3D space, atmospheric perspective, the use of naturalistic colors, but will be given the tools to adapt the image to your own view. We will make a few adjustments to simplify the image a bit, foregoing some of the details in the landscape. We will rather focus on the broader shapes: rocks, trees, flatlands, mountains, and sky. We will really push the atmospheric perspective.

Suggested materials: Medium of choice

Surface: 12x16 or 16x20 I suggest starting with a toned surface if possible. I will start on a white surface so you can see my full process.

Colors: if using wet medium: Besides titanium white, I suggest you have: black (I do not usually use black but it will work nicely in this image and provides a good learning opportunity), cobalt blue, purple dioxizine, alizarin crimson, a good medium red, a good medium yellow, a lemon yellow, orange (optional), prussian blue (optional). Feel free to use greens, though I don't usually keep them on my palette (a chromium oxide would be my preference if using green, you could use a viridian, it would just require more mixing with other colors to tone it down).

Reference photo printed out.

Reference Image
Click here to view/download the reference image for class!

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Thursday 2/3/2022
5:30pm - 7:30pm
Per Log-In: $27
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