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Award-winning independent filmmaker Jay Craven of Vermont appears in person to introduce and discuss his latest movie—a sci-fi film noir that tells a story of what happens when new technologies collide with human needs in a changing world precariously close to today's.

The Adirondack Film Society (AFS) Screening Series at LPCA, Version 6.0, continues with this futuristic film noir that marks “a huge departure” for its writer-director, Jay Craven—arguably Vermont’s leading independent filmmaker—who says “WETWARE” provided him with a chance to work with imaginative actors discovering “fresh details, in every moment, of what it is to be uniquely human in trying times.”

Based on the novel by Craig Nova and shot in Burlington and Brattleboro, Vermont, and Nantucket, Massachusetts, “WETWARE” is set in a time and place where there are tough and tedious jobs no one wants to do and people down on their luck who volunteer for genetic modifications to gain the focus, stamina and synthesized sense of well-being that makes them right for this work—in other words, people so at the end of their rope that they will do anything for a sense of security and well-being.

With business booming, programmers at Galapagos Wetware up the stakes by producing high-end prototypes, Jack and Kay, for more sensitive jobs like space travel, counterterrorism and deep-cover espionage. Galapagos genetic programmer Hal Briggs is sharp and creative but impetuous. He’s a socially awkward romantic in a transactional world. He keeps a virtual human clock at home and improvises as he goes on what qualities to include or delete in his gene splicing for Jack and especially Kay, to whom he develops a dangerous attachment. 

Then word gets out that Jack and Kay have escaped, before Briggs has completed his work. Where have they gone and what do they know? Briggs scrambles to track his fugitive prototypes and, as he reexamines Jack and Kay's codes, he makes a provocative discovery that will change everything.

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