Answer the Muse Concert

What happens when music, spirit, yoga and soul collide?  You get Answer the Muse!

ANSWER THE MUSE is a band on a mission.....and that mission promises to take it's listeners on a journey that will keep heart and spirit alive and happy every time you hear one of their songs! If you've been to one of their shows, you just put on a CD...and there you are again...smiling, moving, and feeling incredible connection. For Answer the Muse, the "mission" is all about that connection, and the beauty of the music.

A typical introduction at an Answer the Muse show will start with something like "What happens when you put original songs, pop/rock cover songs you know and love, yogic sacred chant, yogic movement, AND musical theatre with a touch of meditation in a get ANSWER THE MUSE!"

Answer the Muse  proudly defines itself as "Indie Rock with Yogic Soul". Performances feature original songs, covers songs remade - fused with yogic sacred chant, and audience participation that includes Kundalini yoga breathwork and meditation in theme based sets. They take audiences on journeys that lead them to deeply personal and transformational experiences.

Think of  the group as performing "Spiritual/ Yogic Rock Musicals". Audiences are asked to be interactive....performances are not a passive activity- rather, performance is the opportunity to create joy, healing, and community!

So how does such a performance group come to be? Answer the Muse is a group comprised of three songwriters who's original works and stylings collectively have traveled through NYC folk clubs, Off Broadway theatres, national touring theatres, film scores, the Catskill- Florida - Canadian Resort circuits, as well as the Finger Lakes Rock music scene. On top of that, all three of them practice yoga as their primary source of spiritual inspiration. When the group came together and started to evolve, a vision of combining all of those elements presented in theatrically based sets started to emerge and evolve....with powerful audience response. They knew they had a vision that was "out of the box" and strong, they knew they wanted to follow the vision and work together, they knew they wanted a full band. So extending out with drums and bass, the collective known as Answer the Muse is answering their muse! 

WHAT IS AN ANSWER THE MUSE CONCERT....IT'S ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY WITH ANSWER THE MUSE! The integration of music....originals....remixed songs from the worlds of rock and pop..... a chant is woven in and the audience is singing along...dancing along....connecting not only to the band but to each other. The separation between performer and audience is blurred in an exuberant celebration of sound!

And what is the Answer the Muse sound....? You can hear them on Reverb Nation and Soundcloud! Striking and lush vocal harmonies that weave and wander....pianos, synthesizers....acoustic and electric guitars...drums, percussion and bass creating the pulse....and exotic wind instruments (Celtic whistles....Indian flute sounds....even Irish Uillean pipes!) creating a transformative bed of sound.

This is where Music, Theatre, Spirit Collide. It's so much more than a typical concert. Let yourself be transformed with a weekend in Lake Placid ....IronMan Weekend with Answer the Muse!


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