LPCA Board of Directors Matching Gift Campaign

Double your Donation!

Double your Donation!

In celebration of our 45th anniversary, the LPCA’s Board of Directors has pledged to match the first $45,000 in contributions between now and November 1.  You can double your gift by donating today!  And your donation comes with privileges – click here to explore the perks of membership.


The LPCA works hard each year to have a direct impact on our community. It's easy to tell you the statistics - how an average of 40% of our audiences come from outside the Tri-Lakes region, how we impact over 6,000 students each year through our programs, or how we gave over $200,000 in commissions to local artists through our galleries in the past year. But those statistics don't show the full picture. Last month, we had an experience take place in our Main Street Gallery that clearly demonstrates why we are here. We'd like to share that with you:

This past August, a father and son visited Gallery 46, the Main Street extension of the LPCA. The boy, all of 11 years old, was blind. His father entered the gallery to peruse the art. He parked his son at the front of the gallery - kindly instructing him to keep still and not move around too much so that he didn’t break any of the artwork.

 At the time, Gallery 46 was featuring work by Matt Horner. Matt is a local artist who creates magnificent creations out of rock and steel. His work is highly visual, but also incredibly durable with a mixture of textures and sensations best explored hands-on.

With the father’s permission, the Gallery Manager lead this boy to Matt’s work encouraging him to touch and explore the textures. Perhaps for the first time, this young person was able to turn an abstract concept of art into something he could understand and appreciate.

This is why we are here; to help find ways to make art a part of the every day experience. This is why we’ve worked hard for the past 45 years to keep the arts alive in the Adirondacks. Will you help us remain strong for another 45 years?


Thank you for helping keep the arts alive in the Adirondacks
...dedicated to presenting and fostering quality arts, which inspire, enrich, educate and entertain people of all ages.
Lake Placid Center for the Arts

The Lake Placid Center for the Arts is a year-round performing and visual Arts Facility.  Located in the Adirondack Park of Northern New York, the LPCA consistently presents arts of the highest caliber in music, dance and theatre performances, film exhibitions and visual arts presentations. 

In addition, the Arts Center provides special arts-in education programs, workshops and residencies for aspiring and renowned artists.

The Arts Center is the home of the Lake Placid School of Ballet, LPCA Children's Theatre, Community Theatre Players, as well as the Summer home of the Lake Placid Sinfonietta.

Upcoming Events
09/26/22 - 06:30pm to 08:00pm

In-Person Class With Maxwell Starr

09/27/22 - 06:30pm to 08:30pm

In-Person Class with Joe Conto

09/28/22 - 06:00pm to 07:30pm

Online Class with Thom Williams

09/29/22 - 06:00pm to 07:30pm

Online Class with Thom Williams

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