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Opening reception: Friday, June 29 from 5 pm to 7 pm

Three artists in three different media find their creative muse in visceral responses to motion, color and form.

Michael Nighswonger (painter) evolves fluid coloristic expressions through a reactive process of layering the paint.

Nighswonger will be exhibiting bold, abstract, large-scale canvas paintings, rich in texture and color, a body of work he has been creating for over seven years. Nighswonger, who sees his pop-up exhibits as a form of performance art that allows him to connect directly with his audience, has exhibited in locations around the country including Lake Placid, Seattle, and Raleigh. He resides in Tupper Lake, NY.

Nighswonger had significant success early in his career when he was commissioned to paint eighteen pieces for the new Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, home of the NHL’s New Jersey Devils. Nighswonger’s paintings can be found in over 50 private collections, as well, including those of sports figures from the NHL and executives from Boeing and Microsoft. KA (kaah) Magazine says, “Michael Nighswonger is definitely one to watch; a natural talent drawing from within and creating bold and moving narratives in colour, texture, light and dark.”

Robert Scofield (sculptor) carves and works the colors and forms he sees in burls to reveal sinuous lines and anthropomorphic shapes.

Robert, who grew up in and works in Lake Placid, completed his education at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and also earned a BFA from Tufts University in 1966.  For 26 years he was Head of Arts at Moses Brown School in Providence, RI, where he taught such subjects as three-dimensional design and sculpture.

After working in granite and marble, he started working with burls on the side and eventually, the medium took over his studio.  Much of his early work was hand-carved functional bowls.  As he puts it, "I take the initial idea from the organic qualities that are intrinsic to the piece of wood. I go where the burl leads me, imposing my will only to enhance the visual form or design.  I rely on intuition to be my guide. I work best when I am not trying to make 'art.' Accessing the inner child's clarity and freshness of vision, joy and discovery and making work into play, is for me, the central goal."

Rolf Schulte (photographer) captures on film the colors and forms he sees in nature that were created by the powerful forces of wind and water.

Rolf is known for his landscape images from the massive Adirondack Park in Upstate New York, which he has called home since 1967. He has been avidly shooting various subjects for over 60 years. He started out taking photos as a child in Germany, and his peripatetic lifestyle brought him all over the world, including opportunities for photos in the Northwest Territories of Canada and and Amazon Jungle in Brazil in the late 50s/60s. At that time he worked on a ship as a chef, so his work allowed him many different "ports of call" in which to take photos wherever the ship docked.

Through years of travel, and years spent in New York City, eventually life landed Rolf in Lake Placid, NY in the 1970s. He fell in love with the beauty and serenity of the natural world of the Adirondacks, and has been actively shooting Adirondack landscapes ever since. Rolf has been heard to say that he is not truly happy unless he is in the middle of the woods, or canoeing on a lake or river. This love of nature ultimately directed him to a lifetime of landscape photography. He loves to capture the same shot several times just to see what a second, a minute, an hour, a week, a month, or even a year would do to change the landscape. Early on this diligence required considerable patience because in those days medium format film was the instrument he used to photograph and then to develop the film in his color darkroom. As the times changed, so did Rolf's methods of capturing the Adirondack Landscape. He reluctantly bought a digital camera in 2007 (a Canon Mark5 II), and with his daughter Margarete's help to decipher the digital implications and necessities of modern equipment, he was able to adapt his technique.

For this show he chose a new direction. More of an abstract or macro feel, this show is different from Rolf's other exhibitions both in content and style. Rolf turned 80 this spring and feels the time has come to turn over a new leaf and try something new. It's never to late to reinvent oneself!

Friday 6/29/2018 - Sunday 7/29/2018
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