Save Our Winter

Gallery Hours: Thursday-Saturday, 1-5 PM
Opening Reception: Friday, January 6th, 5-7 PM

Art brings communities together, inspires hope, and helps us find meaningful ways to engage.

The Save Our Winter juried exhibition is created in partnership with the Lake Placid Center for the Arts, Adirondack Experience, The Museum on Blue Mountain LakeSix Nations Iroquois Cultural Center, and The Wild Center, to be presented with Lake Placid 2023 FISU World University Games. It seeks to leverage creativity, science, and passion for the natural world and lifestyles we’re accustomed to, to create both a sense of urgency and also a feeling of hopefulness.

We asked artists: What do you love about winter and hope never to lose to climate change?

ACCEPTED WORKS Listed alphabetically by title

Adirondack Solar Winter Nip Rogers
After the Storm Ingrid Van Slyke
Alone…Alone Mary Woodcock Johnson
Apple Tree in Winter Mary Woodcock Johnson
Apple Trees in Snow James Bullard
Around the Bend Phil Merlino
Back Yard Rink Rats Nancie Battaglia
Barnum Brook, Winter Sandra Hildreth
Barred Owl Mary Woodcock Johnson
Beach Solitude William Crosby
Beech Memories Larry Malone
Blizzard Joy Muller-McCoola
Blue Heron’s Shadow Casting Wisdom Carol Marie Vossler
Branches of the Saranac Ron Nolland
Break on Through to the Other Side Holly Friesen
Broken Down Pieces by the Thawing Brook Annoel Krider
Calm Before the Storm II Christine Thomsen
Champlain Ice Scarf Michale Glennon
Change of Course Anne Diggory
Changes 1: Beginning Maria DeAngelo
Changes 3: Extreme Shift Maria DeAngelo
Changing Coastline William Crosby
Chevron Sky Barry Lobdell
Complimentary Winter Nancy Brossard
Crispy Cobble Chip Moser
Crystalline Cairn Erik Wilson
Dawn, End of the Ice Age Sandra Hildreth
Delicately in the Mountains Martha Jackson
Dentelles Boreales (Boreal Laces) Patricia Bellerose
Dusted Tapestry Larry Malone
Earthen Warmth Suzanne Hokanson
Evening Winter Walk Nip Rogers
Every Effort Counts Sharon Carey
Exposed Summer Dorr
Fall into Winter Carole Bracy
First Freeze Phil Merlino
Flurries on Water Ron Nolland
Forbidden Larry Malone
Forest Laces Patricia Bellerose
Frozen Crystals Jeff Berry
Frozen in Long Lake Noah Beardsley
Greta Michale Glennon
Hanging by a Thread Martha Jackson
Heathen Hill Nancy Thun
Heavy Snowfall James Bullard
High Peaks, Lenticular Clouds Sandra Hildreth
Ice Circles by the Beaver Dam Carole Bracy
Ice Fishing Anne Ray
Ice Fishing Blues Michale Glennon
Incandescent Winter Sky Annoel Krider
Journey William Evans
Like Calls to Like (Lucidity) Kailey Mahar
Like Calls to Like (Obscurity) Kailey Mahar
Madness, Opening Doors Patrick McPhee
Melted Winter Elena Kuki
Mendenhall Shawn L. Halperin
Migrating North Dennon Walantus
Morning Frost in Sunlight Jeff Berry
Mountain Thaw Matthew Hudson
Nanulak Shawn L. Halperin
November Joy Muller-McCoola
November Rain William Crosby
Ominously Peculiar Snowflakes Annoel Krider
Oswegatchie Bluster Mark Verna
Palace Michale Glennon
Patiner à Travers Deux Tempêtes de Neige Karen Courtland Kelly
Peace of Winter’s Morning Light Suzanne Doin
Perihelion Overture Bosco McKinney
Race Down Novice Ronald Rakowski
Season of Life: Save Winter, Fall, Summer, Spring Marie Cogar
Sharing Concern Janet Millstein
Skating on Mirror Lake Edith Urban
Ski Party William Evans
Snow Angles Mary Woodcock Johnson
Snow Clouds Linda Sweeney
Snow Reef Catherine LaPointe Vollmer
Snowy Forest Carole Bracy
Soldiers of Winter Ingrid Van Slyke
Some Things Can’t be Undone Peter Shrope
Spirit Bird’s Song Telling Us Where We Need to Go Carol Marie Vossler
Split Flume Ethan Wilson
Sunshine & Snow Christine Thomsen
Taking a Peanut Break Eleanor Sweeney
The Last Lap William Evans
The Last Season Greg Klein
The Light Was Brighter Noah Bonesteel
The Unexpected Gift Barry Lobdell
The Winter Shore Karen Parker
Vastness Ronald Rakowski
Whiteface in My Rearview Angela Nephew
Wild Ice Nancie Battaglia
Winter Glen Anne Diggory
Winter Glow Mark Verna
Winter Grasses Mary Michelfelder
Winter Memories Sylva Gaspar
Winter Memories Nip Rogers
Winter Walk Catherine LaPointe Vollmer