Fall Open Juried Art Show

Gallery Hours: Thursday-Saturday, 1-5 pm
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 28, 5-7 pm

Join the LPCA as we celebrate the talents of our regional artists.

The Gallery @ LPCA is proud to showcase, highlight and celebrate the best that an artist has to offer in the annual Open Juried Art Show.


Aisha Stanyon, Peace
Anastasia Osolin, Generation Ship
Angela Nephew, New World
Anne Heinz, Broken-Hearted
Anne Heinz, Leaves on the River
Annoel Krider, Walk with Me in Sound
Barry Lobdell, Tension
Barry Lobdell, Weather on Deck
Catherine Hartung, No Time
Catherine Hartung, Season’s End
Chip Moeser, Hays Brook Horse Trail
Chip Moeser, Sunday Figure Study
Christine D’Ambour Holden, Elijah Blue
Christopher Fields, Grunge Betwixt
Damon Hartman, Chatoyance
Diane Wainwright, Waiting
Douglas Wooster, Adirondack Stream
Eleanor Sweeney, Among the Ghosts
Eleanor Sweeney, The Depths
Eleanor Sweeney, A Secret Place
Gary Larsen, Red Wall… Yellow Door
Holly Friesen, The Depths of Slow
James Woodworth, Heart Lake from Jo
James Woodworth, Lake George From Sleeping Beauty Mountain
James Woodworth, Red Barn of Keene
Janet Marie Yeates, Ghosts at Sun-up
Jacqueline Altman, The Raindrops Keep Falling
Jacqueline Altman, Snow Across Lake Flower
Jeff Berry, Gill Brook #2
Karen Parker, Sweet Honey and the Bee
Kathy Manning, I Love You
Kilian Croghan, Together
Killian Croghan, August II
Laureen Carson, Fire & Ice
Laureen Carson, Lake Champlain Barn
Laureen Carson, Moose on the Loose
Leslie Rottner, After the Fall
Leslie Rottner, Sweet and Sour
Leslie Rottner, Waiting to be Filled
Linda Sweeney, The Mountain
Linda Sweeney, Touched
Lynn Manning, Cloistered
Lynn Manning, Feeling the Warmth of the Sun
Mary Michelfelder, Ferns and Foliage
Mary Michelfelder, Layer Upon Layer
Mary Michelfelder, Pastel Ferns
Mary Woodcock Johnson, Abandoned
Mary Woodcock Johnson, Lotus Barbery
Mary Woodcock Johnson, Tweens and Purple Gloves
Matt Hudson, Pastel Pathways
Maureen Mierzwa-Latza, January
Michael Montgomery, Autumn Flows
Michael Montgomery, Autumn is Flowing
Michale Glennon, Cuyahoga
Michele Gannon, Brook Trout
Michele Gannon, Night Owl
Mollie Ward, In Pieces
Nancy Brossard, Cherry Patch Pond
Nancy Brossard, St. Regis Falls
Nip Rogers, Morning Walk Before the Rain
Noah Bonesteel, Landscape 1
Noah Bonesteel, Landscape 4
Patricia Bellerose, Bull Moose in River II
Patricia Bellerose, Father & Son Canoe Trip
Peter Martin, High Above
Phil Merlino, Reflections
Ron Nolland, Flume View
Ron Nolland, Old Cows Home
Russ Hartung, Silver Lake Mountain – Early Snow
Sarah Budd, Autmn Adieu
Stephen DiCerbo, Adirondack Mountain Meadow 2
Stephen DiCerbo, Swamp Darner 2 – Tarragon
Steven Cobb, Rockbrook Barn
Suzanne Doin, Avalanche Lake, Adirondack High Peaks
Suzanne Doin, Rewilding
Suzanne Doin, Ephemeral
Tracy Finn, Ampersand in Winter
Tracy Finn, Keene Valley
Vera Doumanoff, Stepping Stones
Vera Doumanoff, Summer Sunset Reflections
Vera Doumanoff, Sweet Serenity
William Crosby, Abstract Landscape
William Crosby, Avalanche Pass
William Crosby, Bog
William Crosby, Ukrainian Landscape
William Evans, Meeting at the Covered Bridge
William Evans, Wild Wood

Meet the Jurors

Malcolm MacDougall

Mal graduated from Duke University as a history major and was interested in documentary photography. As an advertising creative director and film director based in NY, his work has taken him across geographies and industries. Recently, focused on innovation and the application of design thinking, he has been working for major corporate innovation/venture teams and their strategic investments in startups.

He and his wife Zizi have three “adult” children, live in Dobbs Ferry, NY and spend as much time as they can in Keene Valley, NY. Since 2012, they have owned and operated Keene Arts as a community art center.

Evie Longhurst

Evie Longhurst humorously describes herself is an art connoisseur! With an enthusiasm for creativity, that has spanned three decades, she originally hails from Melbourne, Australia. Evie embarked on her artistic journey as an art student thirty years ago. Her early years were marked by the vibrant and diverse art scenes Down Under, which ignited her lifelong love affair with the world of art.

Evie brings a unique perspective to the art world. She embarked on a lifelong journey, traveling the globe and experiencing a range of styles and movements over four continents. With her desire for new horizons, Evie eventually found herself in the picturesque small town of Tupper Lake, nestled in the heart of the Adirondacks.

Here, surrounded by the breathtaking natural beauty of the region, she continued to nurture her deep appreciation for art and was fortunate enough to find a role as the Director of Tupper Arts, a not for profit art center which prides itself on nurturing arts, artists and community life. Here, she enthusiastically dedicates her talents and experience to help create an environment where everyone can share a love of art and the world around them.