Valentine's Ballroom Dance Class

Step out with your valentine & learn to foxtrot!

Step out with your sweetheart this Valentine's weekend and try a couples ballroom dance class! This class will focus on the beautiful, romantic foxtrot. Whether or not you have experience with ballroom dance, this is a great opportunity to get close with your valentine... and have some fun! (Class will be held in the Annex Studio.)

Tell me more about the Foxtrot...

The Foxtrot is a smooth, progressive dance characterized by long, continuous flowing movements across the dance floor. It is danced to big band (usually vocal) music. The dance is similar in its look to Waltz, although the rhythm is in a 4/4 time signature instead of 3/4. Developed in the 1910's, the Foxtrot reached its height of popularity in the 1930's, and remains practiced today. A beautiful, romantic dance, the Foxtrot is composed of fairly simple walking steps and side steps. The dance combines slow steps, which use two beats of music, and quick steps, which use one beat of music. The footwork timing is usually "slow, quick, quick" or "slow, slow, quick, quick."

About the Instructor: Chad J. Czelusniak-Serviss

Chad J. Czelusniak-Serviss has been dancing for over 30 years, and teaching for over 20 years. Chad has experience with Modern, Jazz, Ballet, and about 20+ Ballroom dances. Currently, Chad is a Full-time Instructor at NCCC in the Business Department, and working on his Doctorate of Business Administration in Social Impact Management. Chad lives in Lake Clear with his partner, and their 2 dogs. He still considers himself a dancer to his core, and loves to help others find joy in dancing.

This class is offered in partnership with The Dance Sanctuary

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