Glow of the Morning Sun in Winter: Interpreting Monet's Frost

Online Class with Cynthia Rosen

Tuesday, Dec 7th, 5:00-7:00pm EST

Advanced beginners and up, oil & acrylic but other mediums welcome.

While those who joined me in mid-Nov, we just had fun painting Monet's Waterlilies with vibrant colors, but he was also a master of painting whites. In honor of the romance of winter's snowy whites we will look at Monet's use of white upon which he reflects a morning's glow. (Perhaps this will help warm us during this winter's freeze!)

Materials: A lot of white paint. (I suggest plenty of Titanium). I am giving you license on your choice of colors. My palette will have my standard

Colors: cad yellow, lemon yellow, cad orange, cad red medium, alizarin permanent, purple dioxizine, cobalt blue, and prussian blue. Radiant blue (Gamblin) or the equivalent would be a great addition OR thalo blue if you have it.

Surface for the medium of choice: Perhaps this painting will be a special winter gift. My preference is panel for my painting surface. I use Ampersand Gessobord. But that is just my preference.

Brushes: the standard 10-12, 7 or 8, and a 2 or 3. I prefer synthetic flats, but Monet liked filberts. Rounds are fine if that is your preference.

You may want to bring along an old toothbrush to help add texture. Definitely if painting in watercolor, and can use it effectively as well with acrylics. Another option is an old stiff brush (the one you forgot to wash) or a super inexpensive stiff hardware store brush, and definitely a sponge if using watercolors or acrylics.

Palette knife (optional): my favorite is the RGM #50, #48 is also good.

I use a galkyd/gamsol mix 50/50.

Suggested surface size is 12x16 or whatever is comfortable for you.

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