Cool Cubists: Exploring the Cubists

Online Class with Cynthia Rosen

Thursday, Jan 20th, 5:30-7:30pm EST

Advanced beginners and up, medium of choice!

What is so cool about the Cubists? Why are they famous anyway?

This paint-along/workshop will not only help us understand the Cubists but it helps us better understand new ways to think and see.

Whether you are a traditionally representational painter or an abstract painter, this workshop's focus on composition and simplification, use of line, and creative manipulation of forms will assist you moving forward. The focus will be composition, flattening of images and the freedom to use your favorite colors in creative ways. long as it works!

We will use the still life which may be familiar to some of you already; but provides a great opportunity to consider what dimensions mean, as well as how to play with shapes. How do you create a sense of a 3rd dimension on a flat surface without the use of traditional perspective. This workshop will help you learn how let loose and push boundaries.

Medium of choice and, if possible, work on a colored surface or pre-stain your surface. I will do 2 shorter demos, one in pastels and one in a wet medium (not yet determined). In this workshop, we will not be copying an already predetermined painting, but you will be creating your own cubist piece using the photo of the still life presented.

Cynthia Rosen suggests using a limited palette but will leave that up to the individual. A limited palette, even monochromatic (1 color plus black and white to create the values) will allow you to really focus on the elements of the composition...but again, will leave that up to the individual. If you are working on a colored (or pre-stained) surface, that will already provide you with a second color.

Surface Size: Suggested 12x16 or 16x20.

Brushes (or Palette knife) for your medium of choice.

Reference photo printed out.

Reference Image
Click here to view/download the reference image for class!

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Thursday 1/20/2022
5:30pm - 7:30pm
Per Log-In: $27
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