The Ways of Water with Sarah Yeoman

Online Watercolor Workshop

Class Description

In this workshop we will be exploring a few of the many ways to paint water. Waterfalls, running water, still water, reflections, patterns and textures will all be demoed in this Zoom workshop. Sarah has provided 2 reference photos (below) to work from. Paint along if you like or sit back and just watch. The video will be available for 3 weeks for you to replay and practice.

We will sketch these exercises together.


  • Brushes: Sarah will be using large rounds #16, #14, and flats.
  • Paper: Sarah will be using Arches 140lb Cold press for this painting and will be working in a 12″ x 16″ format. Please paint whatever size you like on good quality paper.
  • Firm Backing Board
  • Masking Tape
  • Water Container
  • Sponge
  • Hair Dryer
  • Paper Towels

Sarah’s Palette:
The following is Sarah’s standard palette. You do not have to use the same colors.
• Jaune Brilliant #1
• Cad Yellow
• Cad Orange
• Cad Red
• Perm Rose
• Alizarin Crimson
• Burnt Sienna
• Yellow Ochre
• Lavender
• Cerulean
• Cobalt Blue
• Cobalt Turquoise Light
• Ultramarine Blue
• Viridian
• Paynes Gray
• Neutral Tint

Reference Photo 1
Reference Photo 2
Reference Painting

This painting and the sole use of it are the property of Sarah Yeoman and may not be reproduced without permission. Paintings done in this workshop are for study purposes only and should not be sold or represented as the participant’s original work.

Sarah Yeoman

Sarah Yeoman

Painting Instructor @sarahyeomanart @sarahyeomanart

About the Instructor

After an early career as a singer/songwriter Sarah eventually discovered the watercolor medium and knew that she had found her clearest creative voice. She has been painting with watercolors for 35 years and is recognized for strength of story and her ability capture the fleeting qualities of light and its influence on form. Her years as a singer/songwriter flow through her process in the melodious and lyrical qualities of her paintings.

Sarah is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society and recently showed with the North American Watercolor Association at the Columbian Watercolor tricentennial in South America. She collaborated with the Harlem based Elisa Monte dance company who choreographed an original dance based on her painting I’ll Fly Away. Sarah was a faculty member for the 2018 Plein Air Convention in Santa Fe in addition to being featured in the Elie Saab Paris Haute Couture runway catalog with her painting Flight.

From her Crows and Ravens series to her to Brandywine Valley landscapes to her 40 years of painting, paddling, and exploring the Adirondacks of upstate NY from her family’s 100-year-old off-the-grid cabin, she is most at home in the woods and on the water.

Sarah is much sought after as a workshop instructor having taught plein air classes in Tuscany for the last 5 years, many other workshops throughout the US and Canada, and 10 years of classes in her Delaware studio. For more info contact Sarah at [email protected] or through her website


Questions? Please contact Tara at [email protected].