Hoop Dance Camp

This camp series is an introduction to hoop dance. The aim is to build a strong foundation of basic movements with hula hoops. From an established base it is easy to incorporate those movements into dance. Throughout the week campers will be taking the tricks they learn each day and adding them together for a choreographed dance. 

Every class will start with stretching (yoga) to prepare our bodies for the rest of the session. Then, campers will warm-up their cores with waist hooping. In each class they cover a few fun tricks and insert them into choreography. 

As with most skills, the more time a camper puts in with their hoop the easier learning becomes. Mastery of these tricks will often take practice outside of class.

The Teacher instructs by demonstration, so the camper will be following step-by-step verbal instructions with visual cues throughout the class. 

This camp does not require any prior experience and plenty of hoops are provided for use.

Make sure to wear comfortable/supportive shoes and bring plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Samantha Yelle

Hoop Dance Instructor

Sammy Yelle is a nature-loving, homeschooling Mother of two young boys as well as a Circus Arts professional and mindfulness practitioner of over 14 years. She is the owner-operator of Vestopia Hoops, LLC. Throughout her career, which involves performing and teaching both kids and adults from 6 months to 90 years old, she aspires to spread joy, promote confidence, and share her love for the circus and movement arts.

She began her movement and performance journey as a child. Often persuading the neighbor children to perform in dance-based shows she created for their families. In 2007 she picked up a hula hoop, changing her life path. She started performing the summer of 2008 in the Catskills with a band named Mazmyth. Together they performed at small hole-in-the-wall venues as well as big ones like the Gramercy Theater in NYC and Main stage at Bamboozle. Moving to Boston after college, she went on to practice many more circus disciplines. Having spent many years practicing yoga under several knowledgeable instructors to help with her own alignment and posture, she incorporates much of that into her own performance style and teaching.

In April of 2021 she transitioned from living and performing on the road, to putting down roots and becoming a steward of a small piece of the beautiful Adirondack Park. Since then, she has donated countless hours of performing and teaching time at many local live music and town events throughout our region, in the hopes that her art would boost our community’s spirits during these difficult COVID times. The circus arts and dance lifestyle has made such a positive impact on her life, which is why she invites anyone curious or in need of some uplifting to try out a prop. She loves making every day a Circus day!

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